Hello! I'm Mayor Rachel and this is my ac sideblog (if you get a message or a follow from thrdplanet that's me).
side bar art is thanks to mayor-ruthy!!!
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Anonymous asked: hide behind a tree, or use miiverse and screenshot the home screen

hmmmm. i guess that works, but i’ve seen pictures where it looks like people didn’t use those methods tho, so 

how do people take screenshots without their mayor showing up wtf 


Katrina the Psychic - TIL she’s a panther


take it off wendy


Gulliver you need to stop
I am running an upstanding animal community here
My citizens can’t keep finding you passed out on the public beaches
Come on man


Any time a villager asks me to do anything ever:



complimentary stickers to pidie’s set 


it came to me in a dream





Ey hello sakujitsu and I have spent the last few weeks gathering a bunch of sets and moolah for our chill followers

We have a total of 20 million bells and 10 sets distributed amongst 5 lucky winners!


IMPORTANT RULES U SHOULD FOLLOW OR WE’LL WHOOP UR BUTTS (jk jk not really okay maybe we still luv u tho)

- This end on July 31st (my birthday B) wink wink )

- There will be 5 lucky ducky winners

- This giveaway was for our followers but you don’t have to follow us though we’d obviously appreciate it and stuff

- Only reblogs count as entries however likes can be used for bookmarking

- If you really only need 1 out of all the following sets please do not be a greedybutt and enter thus minimizing the chance of poorer mayors to get stuff they’d really like

- If you’re a winner and you already have/don’t want the only remaining sets available you can drop out and kindly let us choose another winner (you can keep the bells if you want them tho)

Prizes under the cut!

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wake me up never