Hello! I'm Mayor Rachel and this is my ac sideblog (if you get a message or a follow from thrdplanet that's me).
side bar art is thanks to mayor-ruthy!!!
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Koala Elvis needs a new home!


Trading: Eugene the smug koala
Looking for: Coco, Fauna, Whitney, or wishlist items.
Move date: in boxes!
Additional info: pretty sure he’s all original! he’s also my 10th villager if i’m lucky enough to get one of the three listed above. no bell offers please! 
tumblr URL: nebulatown.tumblr.com
Mayor Name/Town Name: Rachel/Nebula
FC: 1005-9657-7885 

almost completely done decorating my home!!!! all i have left is the basement and some little things in the rest of my rooms. i think it’s finally time to start expanding and decorating my second characters house while i wait on people to help me get the rest of the stuff i need for my main house!

currently have a bunch of silver axes i’m willing to trade for items on my wishlist!! send me a message if you’d like to trade! 


Setting up my house now that it’s completely paid off (thank you so much elfes-new-wings for the bells!!!) and I have the space to put all my furniture!!! Still have a few things I need to add to my kitchen and flower room, and quite a bit to add to my mermaid room, but it’s coming along well so far! I’m not sure how I’m going to decorate my last two rooms- I’m thinking a space room for the basement, but I have no idea what to do with my back room yet. I’ll hopefully have it planned out soon tho!!!

posted on wrong blog, too lazy to repost so here


Had forgotten to post this :) A little picture of mum’s AC town. 


new villager stickers coming soon

Currently have Julian in my town and I just got Marshall in my campsite and asked him to move in

I really hope I can get Whitney and fauna with these two when they finally decide to leave


Animal Crossing: New Leaf print , inspired by, strangely enough, Minecraft.

I’ll be selling this, along with other prints, at the Artist Alley at A126 at this year’s Fan Expo!


Early morning mist